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Airlift Antifatigue Logo Mat

AirLift Anti-Fatigue Logo Mat Product ImageAirLift Anti-Fatigue Logo Mat Product ImageAirLift Anti-Fatigue Logo Mat Product Image

The Airlift Antifatigue Logo Mat is an economical cushioned floormat made from closed-cell PVC vinyl foam & solid vinyl surface. Promote your logo or message with full color graphics and provide lasting comfort and safety to any indoor environment.¬†Adds stylish comfort and safety to any workspace. High-quality custom¬†matting used for Production Facilities, Work Stations, Copier Areas, Pharmacies, Retail Checkouts, Bank Tellers, Ticketing Counters & anywhere people stand extensively. Wonderful for the helmsman or any other military M.O.S. where standing is necessary.

Construction: PVC Vinyl Foam w/ Vinyl Surface
Product Height: 5/8" or 7/8"
Production Time: 2-3 Weeks.

Who Should Buy This Mat? You need a branded floormat that is suitable to provide comfort for prolonged standing.

Please Note: Customers outside the continental U.S. or at an APO Box please call for a customized shipping quote.

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1/2" Thick