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I absolutely love the quality of your product!
  • Jay M. - Atlanta, Georgia

The mats are great!!! Thank You, You have been Wonderful and Patient with me through this process. I appreciate it.

  • Kim P. - Phoenix, Arizona
Attached are photos of our new custom rugs produced by your company! We couldn't be more appreciative about the customer service, quality craftsmanship and professionalism that your company has displayed in these rugs. From the Area Support Group-Kuwait Command Group Team we would like to thank you for your commitment to excellence!
  • Grant G. - Command Group Kuwait

We are very happy with the product. We are renovating our records/detectives building.  When that is done the Chief wants to order another one for that lobby.

  • Captain Richard O. - Braddock, New Jersey

Our mats arrived today. We purchased them to donate them to our kids travel ball training facility. We are more than please with the final results. You guys definitely surpassed our expectations. The coach is ecstatic with the mats as well. Thank you so much!

  • Rey G. - Homestead, Florida

The carpet is beautiful. Thank you again for such a smooth process and quick delivery.

  • Kelly A. - Lewisburg, Pennsylvania

The mats are great thank you so much! 

  • Cody M. - San Fransisco, California

We received our door mat and it looks AMAZING! We really love it. I am going to order a couple more. Thanks for all of your help!

  • Mary M. - Port St Lucie, Florida

Thanks for a great product! 

  • Sergio E. -  El Centro, California

I'm throwing a BIG THANK YOU, HI-FIVE, CHEST-BUMP, and a big old BEAR HUG for the timely delivery and AWESOME quality of the mat's. I received them over a week ago and installed the large one and a couple of the smaller ones as a "tease" to my organization last week. They went nuts when several people stopped, kneeled to touch the seal and just to feel the quality of the mat's. So, I'm sure I'll be ordering more in the near future. Thanks so much!!

  • Rory W. - Bethesda, Maryland

We absolutely love the doormats!

  • Sarah S. - Telluride, Colorado 

Just wanted to thank you again for all your help my order, everyone loves the mats.
Looking forward to addition orders in the future!

  • Steve P. - Parsippany, New Jersey

Thank you for your prompt response to my request. I am in awe of your customer service and would recommend you to everyone I know because of that…unfortunately, as I am sure you understand my budget will not allow me to move forward with your company…thank you again for your effort.

  • Natalie C. - Winter Park, Florida

Good morning! Attached are pics of the shipping & packing label and 2 pics of our NEW FS Mate in place. We received it 9/13/17 and we love it, as it is beautiful!

Thank you for doing business with us and ALL your patience to seeing this perfect.

  • Patty J. - Preist Lake, Idaho

I cannot even express how much I am grateful to you and your design team.  Not only are the rugs beautifully made, they are here!!!!  Thank you so much.  I look forward to working with you again very soon.  The Dean was very pleased and she wants to order more so you will be hearing from me soon.

  • Kristy H. - Norfolk, VA

You have come highly recommended to me & I will recommend you highly to others. Great Work on our floormats!

  • Ken K. - ConocoPhillips, Alaska

I really appreciate your professionalism. I look forward to our future business together.

  • Steven F. - Fort Shafter, HI

We love our new “Honor Rug” attached are some pictures!!  Thanks again.

  • MSgt Wheeland - Oklahoma City, OK

We "really" like the mats!  Thank you VERY much for following up!

  • Alicia W. - Washington, DC

We are very pleased with our mat and came out as expected. I'm impressed with how fast we were able to get it. Thank you very much for the follow up and have a wonderful day!

  • Andrew Y. - McConnell AFB, Kansas

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the rug and the coasters your provided.  The rug arrived some time ago and has been sitting in our warehouse.  I recently received it and it looks great!  We are very happy with how it turned out and can’t thank you enough for your patience and for producing such a fine product.  The coasters were a wonderful added touch and we use them daily!  Please thank you team for their outstanding work and we will be sure to pass on your company name for future purchases.

  • CMSgt Jeffery Z. - Swanton, Ohio

We love the mats!!!

  • Ralph Q. - Brooke Army Medical Center, Texas

We're very happy with the finished product.

  • Roberta Z. - Minot, North Dakota

Everyone is sooo happy with the floormats you made for us!!!

  • Jeanie N. - Ramstein AFB, Germany

Here are a few pictures of the rug that we ordered placed down in our OPNAV N95 Front Office. You can feel free to use our pictures and to quote us. "Our team here at OPNAV N95 was very impressed with the final product, there was always 100% the best customer service from start to finish, and we received the final product weeks earlier than expected. The attention to detail and quality of material used was another huge plus!" Thanks for all your help and for seeing us through this entire process.

  • Aaron E. - Pentagon City, Virginia

The door mat looks great. The picture attached is what I received from our Houston location.

  • Ashley H. - Las Vegas, Nevada

We are very satisfied with the mats. I have attached a photo of the anti fatigue mat in their new home. Thanks again for all the help and getting these too us quickly it has made a big difference in our comfort and appearance.

  • Timothy T. - Anchorage, Alaska

The mats turned out better than we expected. Thank you!

  • Jesse S. - Tucker, Georgia

The mats look great! In fact you should be getting more orders from me in the near future. The guys were at the garage and they loved them. Thanks for all your help.

  • Steve S. - Pikesville, MD

The mats look great at our door!

  • TSgt. Timothy D. - Dyess AFB Texas

Thank you so much. Excellent work.

  • Peter M. - North Miami Beach, Florida

We love our new mats!

  • Wynona M. - Somerville, Texas

Thanks for everything, we love our mat! 

  • Danielle C. - Long Island, New York

Thanks again for the call. We absolutely love how this mat came out - fits perfectly at our doors!!

  • Kelly F. - Milford, Connecticut

Thanks so much for our custom mat – we are very happy with the finished product, and we feel it adds a great deal to our office entryway.

  • Monique D. - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Our Forest Supervisor, employees and the public love these mats … The Mats are a great addition to our front foyer areas for the Supervisor’s and District offices. Thanks again for a wonderful quality product!

  • Randy T. - Williams, Arizona

Thank you, the rugs are beautiful.

  • Giacomino T. - Aviano AB, Italy

We are very pleased with how this turned out. 

  • Lisa M. - Dyess AFB, Texas

I was not the most organized customer so I was so appreciative of the wonderful customer service! We think the mat looks terrific and love to show it off. Thanks.

  • Lauren S. - Richmond, Virginia

Thanks again for processing our order so promptly! Our client loves their mats!

  • Angie B. - East Dundee, Illinois

We love the mats! Thanks So Much!

  • Pastor Scott C. - Redlands, California

We received our mat today.  Looks great in our new station!!  Thanks for the great work.

  • Chief Douglas C. - Catasauqua Pennsylvania

I received the custom logo doormat and it looks great!

  • Libby S. - Willcox, Arizona

Thanks for your help with all of our orders! The mats are perfect!

  • SSgt Carl P. - JBRE, Alaska

Attached is a picture of one of the rugs we ordered.  Our boss really likes them!  Thank you so much with all your help on this.

  • Sarah S. - Naval District Washington

We received the mat. It is beautiful and makes a nice addition to our reception area. Thank you. It has been a pleasure working with your company.

  • Allison V. - Melville, New York

Attached are the pictures of both mats. You all did an outstanding job on both! Thank you very much.

  • Chicnee B. - Arlington, Virginia

As you can see from the pictures, the rugs look great.  Thanks again for coming down.  

  • David J. - Bethesda, Maryland

Here are the pics of our mats! They look great! Thank you!

  • Elizabeth M. - Louisville, Kentucky

The mats turned out great!  Our Commander was incredibly excited to see them.  They look great and are very obviously high quality.  If anything like this comes up in the future, your company will be who I recommend.  Thanks again!

  • TSgt Rodney D. - RAF Mildenhall, UK

We are very pleased with the outcome. Happy Boss, happy office. We will be contacting you soon for another one.

  • Socorro M. - Brownsville, Texas

I took a picture of the mats you made for us and attached it for you. Thank you...it looks so nice!

  • Lisa B. - Baton Rouge, Louisiana

I have attached two pictures of our rug for our dance studio. We love it. Thanks!

  • Aleah D. - Garner, North Carolina

Attached are photos of the mats at our event. They were great! Thank you again for your help! I hope to order more soon.

  • Rocco J. - Chicago, Illinois

Here is a picture of the new mat in place.  Looks great.

  • Pam C. - NAS Leemore, California

Rugs look great.  Thanks to you and your team!

  • Wesley M. - Fort Bragg, NC

Here are the photos of our logo mats you requested. We love them and they look great! They're awesome!

  • Sarak K. - Louisville, Kentucky

Attached are a couple of photos of the mat in place. We are a skateboard shop in a basement store so we love that the pop of color from the mat helps people find our store. Our shop is in a historical preservation zone that restricts the signage we can put up, so we do whatever we can to alert people to our location. We're very happy with the mat. You guys do great work!

  • Ktisten H. - New York, New York

Attached is a photo of the small mat we ordered not too long ago. Thanks again for all the help!

  • Ssgt Carl P. - JBRE, Alaska

Thanks, the mats are outstanding! They get a lot of employee/utility linemen foot traffic and really hold up nicely.

  • Lisa D. - Kerriville, Texas

Thank you for the excellent, high-quality and great-looking mat you provided us. Here's a few pictures attached for you!

  • Bennett R. - Los Angeles, CA

Here are photos of the the Bellevue University Athlete Lounge!  The mats look AWESOME!! Thank you!!!

  • Patricia S. - Bellvue, Nebraska

We LOVE these mats. Thank you so much!

  • Ashley B. - Allen, Texas

We have received both mats that were ordered. Everyone is very impressed with the final products! Attached are pictures of the large mat that is now in the entrance way of the JBER Emergency Communications Center (ECC). Thanks again for all the help it is greatly appreciated.

  • Ssgt Paul C. - JBRE, Alaska

We got our second pair of mats today. Thank you! Our owner just walked in and saw them and he likes them. They look great (although I think we should have gotten a much larger size). They look great otherwise. Thank you for all of your help with this and I have attached some photos to this email.

  • Latoya J. - Atlanta, Georgia

We are very pleased with the finished product. Attached are some photos of it in our lobby.

  • Mike H. - Auburn, Alabama

The mat is working very well for us.

  • David R. - Chester, Illinois

We are extremely pleased with our final product!  Thank you and your company very much for creating this for us.  The craftsmanship is unparalleled!

  • SSgt Shane M. - Little Rock AFB

I've included a photo of one of the mat in our front office. It looks awesome.

  • Kathleen L. - San Diego, California

Thanks, The mat looks Great!

  • Lisa B. - Arvada, CA

The organization entrance/welcome mat looks great.  Thx for your assistance

  • Timothy C. - Tyndall AFB, Florida

We got the rugs today.  They look GREAT!!!  Thank you again!!!!!!

  • Lana S. - Scottsdale, AZ

Matt looks great I've enclosed a picture of the front entrance. 

  • David M. - Boca Raton, Florida

The Mats Are Here!!! Our School Is In Love!!!

  • Barbara C. - Park Ridge, New Jersey

The mats look great, thank you!

  • Matt N. - Chicago, Illinois

Attached is a picture of the new mat.  WE LOVE IT!!! My bosses were very pleased and I'm very happy that I found your company! You were very helpful through the entire process. I will certainly keep all your information when we will be needing more mats in the future.

  • Beth C. - Franklin, Massachusetts

Our Mats look Perfect!!!

  • Kelly H. - Cincinnati, Ohio

We are very happy with the rugs!  Thank you for your service.

  • Debbie S. - Owensboro, Kentucky

Our VA mats looks great, see the pictures attached.

  • Brian H. - Winston Salem, NC

Thank you, we received the mat today. Looks very nice at our door.

  • Sergey D. - Staten Island, New York

We love our new rug!!! Thanks for the quick response and all your help getting our order placed.

  • Bonnitta C. - Little Rock AFB, Arkansas

I wanted to send you a photo of our custom mat we purchased from your company! We are so happy with the way it turned out.

  • Allie H. - Vero Beach, Florida

We have received the mats. They are beautiful! The picture is attached.

  • Denise L. - Colorado Springs, Colorado

Our mat turned our awesome!

  • Naomi F. - Malstrom AFB, Montana

My leadership loves the mat. Its located at the entrance of our main building. Everyone takes notice as they walk in.

  • David W. - Fort Knox, Kentucky

We couldn't be happier with the look and quality of the custom logo mats. Thank you!

  • Robert J. - Norwalk, Connecticut

These Mats Look Awesome!

  • Cpt Lamar J. - Marietta, Georgia

The logo mat arrived today and we are very pleased with the quality.  I’ve attached a few pictures as requested.

  • Eleasha B. - Mckeesport, Pennsylvania

Thank you soooooo much, the mat looks great! Photos attached... We'll be ordering more:)

  • Tatiana S. - Orlando, Florida

We received our rug today and absolutely love it! Thank you so much for the hard work and patience with us on the selection and ordering of this! We will definitely be ordering more soon.

  • Suzy B. - Gadsden, Alabama

The mats look awesome!!

  • Jason G. - Boynton Beach, Florida

Good afternoon, greatly appreciate the outstanding work done in preparing the mat.

  • Johhny M. - Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Thanks. The carpets look great.

  • Elizabeth G. - Minersville, PA

The mat arrived the other day and looks great.

  • Ryan B. - Big Sky, Montana

Thank you, our logo mat turned out great.

  • Michael K. - Havre De Grace, Maryland

Good morning, The mats look great!  Here a few photos.

  • Jim K. - Wheeling, West Virginia

Our new rugs in our Vegas office look awesome. Thank you!

  • Angela R. - Atlantic City, New Jersey

We LOVE our mats!   Our entrances look so official now!  Here are some pics.

  • Laurie P. - Kansas City, Kansas

Everything was great!  See attached for a few pics.  I love how it turned out.  Thanks for all your help.

  • Jason P. - Birmingham, Alabama

So sorry we did not get with you sooner, we have been organizing the new office. I have attached a few pictures. They are FANTASTIC. They are a hit, and have a reputation now in the Missouri State Capitol of tying together the "best looking office in the building". I think you're going to be hearing from other agencies in our building. Let me know what other pictures or info you might need. Thank you again so much.

  • Tyler H. - Jefferson City, Missouri

The mats look awesome! I really do like them.  I am attaching a picture of the big one we are using in our Training Center.  I hope you can use it on your site.

  • Jason R. - Pekin, Illinois

They turned out GREAT, thank you.

  • Lt David E. - Oasis, Utah

Thank you for all your help with this order. It looks great!

  • Trevor J. - Berkeley, California

Herewith is a photo of our door mat order.  Our Laboratory Director is happy with the final product.

  • Pilar V. - Dulles, VA

We did get the rug today and everyone loves it! Here are some pictures of it.

  • Ronny J. - Sublimity, Oregon

Here are images of our rugs in use! They look great.

  • Stephanie B. - Washington, Missouri

The mats are great, thank you!

  • Jillian M. - Cornelius, North Carolina

We received our new personalized mats today and I can not even tell you how thrilled we are with them.  We have already received so much positive feedback.  They just brighten up the entrances and give them a more professional presentation.  I am enclosing pictures. We are so pleased and will come back in the future when we need more.

  • Suzanne S. - Yorba Linda, California

The mat looks great!  In retrospect, I should have made it another foot wider and deeper since we have the space. Still, it's such an improvement on the awful thing that had been there for years. You guys did a beautiful job!

  • Phylis G. - Glendora, California

We love the new rugs with our logo. Thanks! 

  • Paul G. - Woodland, New Jersey

Thanks for the great work! The rug looks amazing!

  • Sue. V - Irvine, California

We received the fixed product and love it; here a couple pics of the mat.

Bernadette H. - Altus AFB, Oklahoma

Thank you so much they are awesome and look great here are pics. talk soon and again thank you for all you do..

Ernesto H - Paterson, NJ

I think the logo mats were well done by your company.

John C. Terre Haute, Indiana

Please see the attached for photos of our mat.  We’ve gotten plenty of compliments on it – thanks for your excellent work!  I would absolutely recommend your products.

Nick E. - Ann Arbor, Michigan

The Logo Mats turned out great and we appreciate the service and quality we received from your company.

Angela G. - Orlando, Florida

We love the mats. They look amazing. 

Kim S. - Costa Mesa, California

Your company has gone above and beyond throughout this entire process from A to Z. You all have impressed me beyond expectations. It's truly a breath of fresh air to know that top quality, customer first modeled companies like yours, are not just a thing of the past. I hope the company owners know what kind of crew they have on their hands!
You all deserve kudos.

Brian W. - Anchorage, Alaska

The floor mat came in today and it looks great.

  • Brett P. - St. Louis, Missouri

Thank you so much for the excellent service you proved throughout the order.  I placed our order online but your techs emailed me so quickly after that to review the final template prior to sending it off to production.  They provided contact phone numbers in case I wanted to talk to someone but the information they provided was always so thorough, I never needed to call.  Indeed, the entire process was very efficient and everyone was extremely courteous and professional.  To top it off, the quality if the mat is superb.  Ours is placed in a highly trafficked area and it still looks brand new.  Thanks so much.  I will continue to refer people to you knowing they will be impressed and well served too.

  • Katie K. - Lenexa, Kansas

Hey thanks again the mat is perfect! Heres a few photos that you asked for.

  • Anthony B. - Akron, Ohio

Good morning Wanted to share a picture of the rugs. They came out great!! We are going to order 2 more for our other doors Thanks!

  • Linda Q. Catlett, Virginia

We received the mats today and are very pleased with the finished product. Please see the attached pictures as requested. We will be in touch to order more mats in the near future.

  • Fred R. - Leland, North Carolina

THANKS!  Looks Great!

  • Randy O. - Lathrup Village, Michigan

Everyone is extremely pleased with the product.

  • Roger L. - Fort Bragg, North Carolina

Thanks so much for all your assistance!

  • Tatiana R. - Miami, Florida

I wanted to thank you for the prompt service and delivery of my order. It is just what I wanted and I am happy I found your site. I also thought the letter enclosed with the order was gracious.

  • Pauline D. - Hempstead, Long Island

The rug looks great!!

  • Chely D. - Long Branch, New Jersey

We received the rug yesterday and it looks great!! The Doctor is going to be both surprised and happy with it. We just wanted to thank you for all of your help. You and your company will be highly recommended to everyone, you have been awesome to work with.

  • Rhonda P. - Salsbury, Maryland

We were so pleased with the service and professionalism of your company. Our clients absolutely love the mat. We will be sure to recommend you to any who inquire and look forward to doing business with you again soon!

  • Lorraine P. - Rosedale, New York

We received the mat. Great product. It gives the office an extra touch. I attached 3 photos. Thank you again and I am sure people will be asking me where I got the mat. I will refer them to you.

  • Mark D - La Jolla, California

Please find attached Logo Mat as requested I am looking forward to see this on your website that would be amazing. Thank you so much. I was really Impressed with your work and I really liked the Mat it was professionally done. I am looking forward to giving your company more business.

  • Jasmine O. - Houston, Texas

We just received our vinyl linked Logo Mat and it is Beautiful! We recently constructed and moved into our new office (pictures attached) last month and began our search for “the perfect” logo mat to accent our beautiful front door. We wanted something that would be rugged, eye catching, functional and long lasting and we found it a LogoMat Central! We just love it and we know we will enjoy it for years to come. Oh and the packing and shipping were great

  • Cynthia M. Zachary, Louisiana

Here is the picture of the mat, you staff did a great job. Thank you.

  • John L. - NAS Lemoore, California

Hope you like the picture. Everyone loves the rug! Thank you!!

  • Ellie G. - Cream Ridge, New Jersey

Thank you so much for the mat. It is exactly what we needed. Thanks again, we are very pleased with the final product.

  • George W. - Newport, Rhode Island

Thank you. The mat looks great.

  • Chuck T. - Crosby, Texas

We are very happy with the rug, and, in consequence, our State Director has decided he wants another, larger one with our emblem in all of its colorful glory. I think I put you through the ringer trying to sort that out before. Thank you so much for tolerating our indecision and making such a nice product for us! We look forward to the next one!

  • Juliane T. - Klamath Lakes, Oregon

We are very happy with the mat. Thank you for your great work!

  • Andre B. - Green Bay, Wisconsin

We are very pleased with the custom door mat we received. It is a warm, welcoming addition to our office and your customer service has been top notch through the ordering process! Thank you!

  • Tayron B. - Hoboken, New Jersey

I have to say, we are very happy and very pleased with the outcome. Great work guys! Thanks for everything!

  • Robert S. - Staten Island, New Jersey

Here is a picture of the mat we received today! It's awesome!!!

  • Valerie H. - Dover AFB, Delaware

We love our new logo mat! Here are a couple of pictures of it. I also posted it on your facebook page and ours. I am also recommending you to our new neighbors.

  • Michele K. - Maitland, Florida

Here is the picture of our logo rug! We love it. It added the perfect touch to our locker room.

  • Shannon R. - Brevard, North Carolina

Attached please find pictures of the large custom-ordered rug with our seal. It looks fantastic!

  • Sandra D. - Portland Maine

My wife recently purchased a mat from your company as a birthday present for me. I must tell you, it's freaking AWESOME. By far one of the coolest gifts I've ever received. Y'all did a wonderful job and I will be proudly displaying it for years to come. Please find attached some pictures of my awesome mat in its spot of honor.

  • Steven V. - Sugarland, Texas

This is the mat that is in our vestibule. Looks great!! We are so pleased with it!

  • Christina R. - Norristown, Pennsylvania

Attached is a photo of my new Carpet Mat Classic 4'x9' Sable Mat and Frontline Logo Mat in the entryway to my facility. Provides a much more professional first impression, and has already reduced the frequency of vaccuming up tracked in dirt on the gym floor.

  • Randy L. - Garner, North Carolina

Here's a pic of our new mat. We love it!

  • Kelly S. - Troy, Alabama

Our LOGO Mat looks great! Good Job!

Julie R. - Salem, Virginia

Great work! Here are the photos of the mats as requested. The client is so happy with them we will be ordering 2 more of these and 4 more of other ones. Thanks!!

  • Dana D. - Pearl River, New York

The new mats arrived today and look great. Thanks.

  • David M. - Houston, Texas

Thank you! The mat looks great. I attached a few pictures if you would like to use them.

  • Kathie H. - Norcross, Georgia

Thank you so much for the rug, its perfect!!! Everyone loved it.

  • Judy H. - Manhattan, New York

Very pleased! Thank you!

  • Justin C. - Corpus Christi, Texas

Attached are pics of the mats in place. They are really nice quality and they get a lot of attention because of the color.

  • Donna C. - Monterey, California

We love our new entrance mat! Thank you!

  • Susan D. - Potomac, Maryland

We love them they get a lot of use here in the great north of Alaska. Thank you again.

  • Sgt Matthew D. - Fort Wainright, Alaska

We are very pleased with the quality of the mats. They look great!

  • Christina J. - Anderson, South Carolina

As promised, here are some pictures of our new logomats. They look terrific! Thank you again!

  • Elizabeth M. - Elkhart, Indiana

Great job on the custom rug. Big hit!

  • Tara S. - McConnell AFB, Kansas

We received our new mat and we DO enjoy it and we ARE pleased with the finished product. It is a beautiful mat.

  • Austin J. - Kerrville, Texas

Just received our mat!! Love the quality!!!

  • Christine O. - Yuma, Arizona

We have just laid down the mats and they look great and employees are very happy with them. Thank you very much.

  • Marvina P. - National City, California

I want to tell you how happy we are with our product that we received from you! It looks so wonderful as you walk into our office. We are happy that we were able to make the changes we needed and you were there every step of the way making sure our needs were met! Thank you so much! We will be doing future business with you guys!!!

  • Teresa H. - Grafton, North Dakota

Thanks! This custom mat is a wonderful addition to the school campus.

Lawrence T. - Savanah, Georgia

Attached is a picture of one of the floor mats, they look great! We appreciated your help when ordering these mats. They turned our great, and you were very customer focused. Thanks again.

  • Al G. - Jackson, Mississippi

Logo mat looks awesome in our kitchen!! Great quality!! Love it!!

  • Julie D. - LaVerne, California

Awesome! Our place looks much better now.

  • Tony. D - Staten Island, New York

People Love 'em!!

  • Laura M. - Brooklyn, New York

We love the Mats………. Thanks you.

  • Alana P. - Patrick AFB, Florida

Thank you again for meeting our deadline for the rugs, which were both a big hit. The circular rug was the talk of the office.

  • Frank T. - Newark, New Jersey

Very nice job with the mats.

  • Donald O. - New Kensington, Pennsylvania

Here is a picture of the door mat we just had delivered. Looks great!

  • Deidre S. - Spokane, Washington

We LOOOOOOVE them! Thank you very much! Our Principal is working on plans to get some smaller mats at all of our entrances, so look for additional orders from me soon!

  • Walter B. - Columbus, Ohio

Attached are pictures of our store with the carpets. We finally opened and couldn’t be happier with them. Thanks for your great work.

  • Jim P. - Monument, Colorado

We got the mat, it came out very nice. Our store looks much better now.

  • Reginald T. - Brooklyn, New York

Attached is a pic our floor mat in all its glory. we are very pleased with the level of detail of craftsmanship of the work.

  • Steven S. - Tampa Bay, Florida

Thank you guys so much. My husband loves the mat I got him from your company! You did and amazing job. Here is a picture of it in front of his office door. We are a small company and this mat makes his shop and office look so much more professional.

  • Andrea Y. - Coupeville, Washington

We received our mats today and they look great. Thank you!

  • Juliette L. - Shelby, North Carolina

Thank you very much for the awesome quality mat. I love them!

  • Jon F. - Cedar Rapids, Iowa

The rug looks great, we are really happy and appreciate your fast shipping.

  • Mark S. - Galveston, Texas

Thank you so much for our beautiful rug. We're very excited about it!

  • Deven H. - Okoboji, Iowa

The mats were beautiful and I thank you for getting them to me on time.

  • Pauline T. - Burlington, Vermont

We are very pleased with our mats, Thank you! Our hallway looks much nicer now.

  • John C. - West Lafayette, Indiana

We love our mat it is perfect!

  • Lawanda P. - Santa Fe, New Mexico

Thanks for a beautiful work. I love it so much.

  • Nhan N. - Clearwater, Florida

Many thanks! Our mats are a big improvement over the other ones.

  • Cedrick D. - Butte, Montana

We received both custom mats and are very pleased with both. Thank you again.

  • Alexis. P - Cincinnati, Ohio

Thanks again for the custom mats. Our unit logo looks fantastic. We love it. Will be ordering more in the fall.

  • Jeff S. - Yakima, Washington

We all like the rugs very much! Here is a photo for you all to share.

  • Lavonya T. - Reno, Nevada

The spectrum mats look great! THANKS!

  • Albert S. - McDonough, Georgia

Thank you for all your help. It looks fantastic...you guys are the best at what you do.....terrific!

  • Sgt. James S. - Queens, New York

The mat was perfect! Marshal Miller was very happy with it. We had a number of people in the office Friday, and received compliments on it.

  • Melody W. - Salt Lake City, Utah

Thanks for your help with the rugs!!

  • Racheal Z. - Talahassee, Florida

We are very pleased with our doormats. Thank you for the wonderful product.

  • Steven K. - Flat Rock, North Carolina

Attached are the pictures of our new mats. We love them. they brighten up the entrance.

  • Danny L. - St Augustine, Florida

Good morning, please see attached pictures of our Logo Mat per your request. it looks great outside our Front Door entry way. And we are very pleased with the quality of the mat. Design was exactly as we requested and it makes a bold statement as you pass over it. we are entertaining some other mat ideas and will defiantly be in touch with our next purchase.

  • James R. - Manhattan Beach, California

The mat looks awesome! Everybody is talking about it. It was installed just outside the elevator, so it is actually the first thing people see before entering the office.

  • Francine H. - Vancouver British Columbia, Canada

The mat is beautiful!

  • Michelle G. - Smyrna, Tennessee

The mat is perfect and a great highlight for our entryway. Thanks to all for such a beautiful job.

  • Cindy H. - Medina, Ohio

I've attached some photos of our beautiful mat, which is placed right as you walk into our office. It's perfect!

  • Tom B - Cheyenne, Wyoming

Here our Mats from our office. Thanks you so much they are great and we will definitely use you guys in the near future. Thanks again.

  • Francesco V. - Oneida, New York

Delivery was received before we expected them. They look great!

  • Zach B. - Lakewood, New Jersey

We LOVE our new mats!!!!!!!! Thank you so much, they are perfect!!!!

  • Steven P. - Indian Land, South Carolina

Thanks…we love our new logo mat!! It really jazzed up out front porch/entrance. I attached a photo.

  • Sandy H. - Dunwoody, Georgia