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FloorGuard End Caps Commercial Entrance Mats Warehouse Sale

FloorGuard Diamond WaterHog Style - WaterHog Style Commercial Entrance Mat - Brown FloorGuard Diamond - WaterHog Style Entrance Mat End Cap Only - Hotel Exterior Door - Charcoal FloorGuard Diamond - WaterHog Style Commercial Entrance Mat - Blue FloorGuard Diamond WaterHog Style - Commercial Entrance Mat - Charcoal This Floormat is ADA Compliant FloorGuard Commercial Entrance Mat Construction Details

This Entrance Mat protects floors from the elements, trapping dirt and moisture on contact. 100% rubber backing provides maximum durability, while the needle-punched polypropelene fiber scrapes shoes of dirt and debris. Each ridge of the mat is reinforced with rubber, keeping the scraping tips rigid enough to withstand high traffic areas. A rubber cleated backing provides stability and water aeration. Bristles scrape dirt and debris off shoes. Dirt and water are trapped by polypropelene carpet ridges. 100% rubber construction for maximum durability. Recommended as an indoor mat, but substitutes as an outdoor mat in covered entry ways or warm to moderate climates. Bi Level construction traps dirt and moisture, retaining it to the base of the mat and off your floors. Simple to clean, just vacuum or hose and dry. This Floormat is ADA Compliant.

Who Should Buy This Mat? You need a high performance entrance mat for interior or semi exterior commercial use. You're concerned with effectiveness and durable performance.

Please Note: In the manufacturing process of this floormat a great deal of heat is used to adhere the backing of the mat to the surface material, as a result the mat will usually be slightly smaller than the specific dimensions listed below. For instance a 3' x 4' floormat will usually finish off 33" x 44" rather than an exact 36" x 48". Typical shrinkage is 3 - 5% of the overall size of the mat.

FloorGuard Commercial Entrance Mat Charcoal Color Swatch


FloorGuard Commercial Entrance Mat Red Color Swatch


FloorGuard Commercial Entrance Mat Blue Color Swatch


FloorGuard Commercial Entrance Mat Grey Color Swatch


FloorGuard Commercial Entrance Mat Green Color Swatch


FloorGuard Commercial Entrance Mat Burgundy Color Swatch


FloorGuard Commercial Entrance Mat Brown Color Swatch


FloorGuard Commercial Entrance Mat Navy Color Swatch


FloorGuard Diamond Entrance Mats - End Cap Only
Size & Color Price
3' x 6' - Blue (end cap only) Reg. - $103.99 Now $51.99
FloorGuard Diamond Entrance Mats - With 1 Fan Shaped End Cap
Size & Color Price
3' x 5' - Brown (with 1 end cap) Reg. - $103.99 Now $51.99
3' x 5' - Blue (with 1 end cap) Reg. - $103.99 Now $51.99
3' x 6' - Blue (with 1 end cap) Reg. - $103.99 Now $51.99