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Antifatigue Floormats

More InfoAirLift Standard Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat
AirLift Standard

Ergonomically styled anti-fatigue matting designed to provide comfort and relief for aching feet and legs. Great for light to moderate standing environments. Economical solution for improving workers comfort and productivity. Recommended for dry to moist environments. Available in two durable embossed non-slip textures. Material can easily be cut to fit any work area as needed. Available in full 60' Rolls.

More InfoAirLift ServicePro Edition Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat
AirLift Plus ServicePro

These anti-fatigue floormats are suitable for any commercial, professional or retail are where workers stand for prolonged periods of time. Provides maximum comfort and durability. Durable, textured or smooth surface. Extra-comfortable vinyl-foam cushioning. Beveled surface edges and rounded corners enable smooth floor to mat surface transitions.

More InfoAirLift Extreme - Anti-Fatigue Mat
AirLift Extreme

Designed to provide exceptional comfort and relief for aching feet and legs in commercial or industrial work environments. Economical solution for improving workers comfort and productivity. Constructed of 100% closed cell PVC foam with beveled edges for increased safety. Recommended for dry to moist areas. AirLift Extreme Mats can easily be cut to fit any work area as needed.

More InfoAirLift Plus with Super Shield - Anti-Fatigue Mat
AirLift Plus Super Shield

Enhanced, wear-resistant top surface fusion bonded to a closed-cell PVC foam base. Extremely rugged matting that outlasts traditional one-layer foam products. Cost effective alternative to other laminated foam-based products. Closed-cell foam structure resists moisture and common chemicals. 1/2" overall thickness provides all day comfort and relief from standing. A great anti-fatigue mat for all heavy-duty work environments.

More InfoAirLift Diamond AntiFatigue Mat
AirLift Diamond

Superior durability, resilience & comfort of dual layer Vinyl / Nitrile construction. This soft to the touch mat is smartly engineered using a two layer mat feauturing a durable vinyl-nitrile surface polymerically bonded to a resilient vinyl-nitrile foam cushion using our exclusive manufacturing process. Adding nitrile to the vinyl not only makes a more durable wear layer, but it also makes the surface slip-resistant in both wet & dry conditions.

More InfoAirLift DiamondPlus AntiFatigue Mat
AirLift Diamond Plus

Durable PVC surface bonded to a resilient anti-fatigue closed-cell PVC foam base. Provides an excellent abrasion and slip-resistant surface. Surface will resist common fluids, most chemicals and is nonflammable. Optional Safety Span colored borders available. Limited 3-year guarantee against wear and delamination. Available in solid black & grey with yellow, green, red, blue or orange borders.

More InfoAirLift DiamondPlus AntiFatigue Mat
AirLift StainGuard

Closed-cell PVC foam formulation is extra tough for long lasting performance. The next generation foam technology that outlasts traditional foam matting products three to one! A specially formulated foam with an enhanced cell structure provides unparalleled resilience and cushioning for ultimate work comfort in dry to moist environments.

More InfoAirLift Marble Plus
AirLift Marble Plus

This is an attractive and durable anti-fatigue mat for dry commercial or industrial work environments. Marble Plus Mats combine our Super Comfortable cushion with a thick rubber top. Professional marble appearance. The smooth diamond surface is easy for workers to pivot on and is easily swept clean, providing a low cost maintenance solution.

More InfoAirDome HD - Antifatigue Mat
AirDome HD

Innovative Air Pocket "Bubble" design provides exceptional comfort. Extra sturdy rubber design withstands compression and extends the life of the mat. Beveled edges increase safety by reducing tripping and slipping. Grease and oil resistant. 100% black molded rubber. Recommended for industrial work cells, service counters, shipping and packing work cells.

More InfoAirLift Lux - Antifatigue Mat
AirLift Lux

AirLift Lux AntiFatigue Mat is ideal across a range of environments. This professional quality matting is perfect for facilities that require floor coverings that must endure the constant impact from employees standing for multiple hours. It's anti-fatigue backing provides superior comfort and relief to aching feet and tired legs.