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Ergonomically styled anti-fatigue matting designed to provide comfort and relief for aching feet and legs. Great for light to moderate standing environments. Economical solution for improving workers comfort and productivity. Recommended for dry to moist environments. Available in two durable embossed non-slip textures. Material can easily be cut to fit any work area as needed. Available in full 60' Rolls.
AirLift Standard - Anti-Fatigue Mat
A specially formulated foam with an enhanced cell structure provides unparalleled resilience and cushioning for ultimate work comfort. Closed-cell PVC foam formulation is extra tough for long lasting performance. The next generation foam technology that outlasts traditional foam matting products three to one! Aggressive pebble-embossed surface enhances traction and durability.
AirLift Plus with Stain Guard

Features a durable, integrated wear surface of solid vinyl polymetrically bonded to a moisture resistant, closed cell vinyl foam cushion. Available as individually cut mats or longer size hall runners. Beveled edges and rounded corners enable smooth surface-to-surface transitions. This is a great fortified antifatigue mat suitable for a variety of commercial industrial applications where professional apperance & performance are needed.
AirLift Plus with Super Shield - Anti-Fatigue Mat

Enhanced, wear-resistant top surface fusion bonded to a closed-cell PVC foam base. Extremely rugged matting that outlasts traditional one-layer foam products. Cost effective alternative to other laminated foam-based products. Closed-cell foam structure resists moisture and common chemicals. 1/2" overall thickness provides all day comfort and relief from standing. A great anti-fatigue mat for all heavy-duty work environments.
AirLift Plus with Super Shield - Anti-Fatigue Mat

Superior durability, resilience & comfort of dual layer Vinyl / Nitrile construction. This soft to the touch mat is smartly engineered using a two layer mat feauturing a durable vinyl-nitrile surface polymerically bonded to a resilient vinyl-nitrile foam cushion using our exclusive manufacturing process. Adding nitrile to the vinyl not only makes a more durable wear layer, but it also makes the surface slip-resistant in both wet & dry conditions.

Durable PVC surface bonded to a resilient anti-fatigue closed-cell PVC foam base. Provides an excellent abrasion and slip-resistant surface. Surface will resist common fluids, most chemicals and is nonflammable. Optional Safety Span colored borders available. Limited 3-year guarantee against wear and delamination. Available in solid black & grey with yellow, green, red, blue or orange borders.

Durable 1/8" wide rib PVC surface bonded to a resilient, 3/8" anti-fatigue closed-cell pvc foam base. 1/2" overall thickness. Aggressive rib surface enhances traction. Wide Rib PVC surface is easier to clean than v-groove corrugated surface. Limited 3 year guarantee against wear and delamination. Resists common chemicals and fluids if cleaned regularly. Great, cost effective alternative to other multi-layer antifatigue products.

AirLift Plus Safety Trac Edition - Anti-Fatigue Mat

Rubber surface repels sparks. Increased slip-resistant textured top surface. 1/2" Overall Thickness. 3/8" Closed-cell PYC foam base NGB bonded to a 1/8" solid nitrile rubber surface provides all day relief from fatigue. Wear surface will resist common fluids, most chemicals and is nonflammable. Provides more tear-resistance and dimensional stability. Recommended for welding & grinding work cells and industrial work cells

AirLift Plus with Spark Shield - Anti-Fatigue Mat

Provides comfort for workers while protecting equipment from static electricity. Industry favorite diamond surface pattern provides an abrasion and slip-resistant surface. Durable electrically conductive PVC surface gluelessly bonded to a sturdy anti-fatigue closed-cell PVC foam base. Conductive diamond surface removes static electricity from workers preventing damage to sensitive electriconic equipment & systems.
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Ergonomically styled anti-fatigue matting designed to provide comfort and relief for aching feet and legs. Great to use in areas to prevent damage from static electricity. 100% Closed Cell PVC Foam. Beveled Edges for increased safety. Material can easily be cut to accomodate any work area as needed. Optional 15' Grounding cord available for optimal results. Can be cut to fit irregularly shaped work areas.
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This is an attractive and durable anti-fatigue mat for dry commercial or industrial work environments. Marble Plus Mats combine our Super Comfortable cushion with a thick rubber top. Professional marble appearance. The smooth diamond surface is easy for workers to pivot on and is easily swept clean, providing a low cost maintenance solution.
AirLift Marble Plus
Custom Made Mats feature a long wearing rubber surface bonded to a resilient rubber foam base. Built-in beveled edge base adds an extra measure of safety and virtually eliminates tripping hazards. Available In two unique color schemes: marble style & wood style. A perfect mat for the beautician, hairdresser, stylist, barber who stands on their feet all day.
Featuring the same great polypropelene fabric surface that our FloorGuard Entrance Mats are known for. Anti-static dissipative, slip-resistant 100% solution-dyed nylon top surface will not fade. Solution-dyed fabric is molded into a solid nitrile surface for easy cleaning and attractive appearance. Closed-cell cushion backing provides a comfortable long-lasting mat.
Designed for maximum worker comfort & striking appearance. Closed-cell cushion backing provides long-lasting comfort without braking down. Static dissipative, slip-resistant 100% solution-dyed carpet mat style nylon top surface will not fade. This is a great antifatigue floormat for commercial work areas where a less industrial look is required.
Provides unparalleled comfort compared to other composite anti-fatigue traction mats. Aggressive new rubberized surface bonded to our 1/2" ergonomic PVC closed-cell foam. Revolutionary rubberized surface provides improved traction. Provides compression as well as displaying dual compression-deflection properties between the top surface and the ergonomic foam. Rubberized wear-surface outlasts other wear-surfaces. Wear-surface will resist most common chemicals.
AirLift Max MODULAR Mats combine exceptional anti-fatigue performance with unique safety features and versatility to make it the perfect choice for use on production lines or any industrial or commercial work environments where heavy duty spark or chemical resistance is important. AirLift Max's tough construction features a dense rubber cushion fully encapsulated with solid nitrile rubber. This is our most heavy-duty antifatigue traction mat.
An ergonomically superior anti-fatigue mat for everyday commercial or industrial kitchen use. Drainage holes prevent excessive moisture buildup. 5/8" thick for a truly comfortable working experience. 100% closed-cell nitrile rubber construction. Anti-microbial treated, slip-resistant surface is grease, oil & chemical resistant. Perfect for wet or dry areas. Textured surface for superior slip and skid resistance. Light weight and easy to clean.
Reduces strain from prolonged kneeling on hard surfaces. Ideal for occupations that require kneeling. Very portable with integrated carry handle. Easy maintenance, cleans easily with standard soap & water. This product is thoughtfully designed for construction workers, technicians, mechanics, engineers, utility workers, manufacturers or anyone who is needed to move from place to place to perform work tasks.
Innovative Air Pocket "Bubble" design provides exceptional comfort. Extra sturdy rubber design withstands compression and extends the life of the mat. Beveled edges increase safety by reducing tripping and slipping. Grease and oil resistant. 100% black molded rubber. Recommended for industrial work cells, service counters, shipping and packing work cells.
AirDome HD - All Rubber Anti-Fatigue Mat
Slip-resistant, anti-static floor protection runner matting constructed of chemical-resistant rubber. Traction Tread rubber runners are ideal for numerous commercial industrial production locations, walkways, lab areas and food service applications.
Traction Tread Slip Resistant Floor Mat Industrial Workplace Runners